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Display your free Ad on various websites, blogs and mobile networks.

AdBounds is an online advertising engine which allows you to:

Promote your products and services on various websites, blogs, social media and mobile devices - worldwide,

Make money by showing Ads on your web sites, blogs, social networking sites or by simple referrals -- just copy and paste a one-line link,

Advertise to your target audience and mobile users in different geographic markets at local, regional, national or international levels,

Present different types of Ads: text, image, animation, flash, video, real-time data, etc.

Plan for your future advertising campaigns which kick in and out automatically,

Create dynamic advertising plans for your customers' sites or within a group of websites,

Offer alternative venues to your customers and business partners,

Create your in-house affiliate program,

Manage dedicated real-time news, time-sensitive presentations, promotional plans or link exchange programs for multiple websites using a centralized system,

Analyze your website traffic reports and evaluate your promotional plans,

Add to webmaster tools and pricing models e.g. CPC, CPI, fixed cost, link building, SEO ...

We offer:

Service to individuals and businesses regardless of the size,

Easy-to-use online Ad builder and templates, just add your text or upload your file and go,

One FREE Advertisement, unconditional, no time limit, unlimited displays on various sites, unlimited clicks, worldwide exposure or in selected areas, with choice of size, format, etc.

Affordable online advertising plans for broad exposure and enhanced results,

Complete control over your online advertising budget,

Webmasters, Developers and Publishers Ad packages,

No bidding headaches,

Control panel,

Customized Ads and optimization,

Ability to generate income from your website - just copy and paste a one line link and you are on,

Real-time traffic reports and web analytics,

Additional services to enhance the security of your websites and online business,

Complete user support.

We do not accept or present adult-related content including gambling and dating.

Display your free Ad on various websites.