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About us

Launched in 2012, promotes businesses, websites and eCommerce throughout the world.

We offer our advertising and promotional services to individuals, small businesses as well as large corporations in many different languages and at local, national or international levels. Likewise, we assist advertising, marketing and communication teams to improve the services which they provide to their clients.

As one of our priorities we attempt to make online promotions a smooth, effective and enjoyable experience. Our preference is to provide fast-loading Ads. We are building one of the largest databases of online advertising which finds the needle in a populated haystack for the right time, place and audience. makes it easy to increase your exposure and sales on one hand, and at the same time, generate substantial lifetime income using your websites, online and offline contacts.

We inspect each Ad to determine its suitability for online presentation. We do not accept, display or participate in promotions which involve adult-related products and services, including online dating, gambling, etc.

We are entrepreneurial, to-the-point and constantly strive to provide the best in anything that we do, including customer service. is a California based entity with management which brings more than 30 years of experience in IT services, automation, finance and sales.

AdBounds offers a consolidated package which you do not find elsewhere:
It gives you a combination of Ad creation / management service, affiliate management tools, tracking systems (with or without PPI / PPC), analytics, real-time reporting, real-time data distribution on any network, accounting and billing modules ... and the flexibility to apply changes in a highly competitive online environment.

... and we make it easy for you too,
We provide the network, human resources, software, hardware, all upgrades, manage the systems plus all aspects of the maintenance, back office, reporting ... and do the accounting and billing when required.

We invite you to explore our site, try the system and feel free to contact us for any question you may have.