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Question and Answer

We do NOT accept or display adult-related materials including dating, gambling and all related products or services.

Do I need to have a website to start advertising?

Do I need be a professional to use the AdBounds system?

How do I make money using the AdBounds system?

Is there a limit for free Ads?

Can I advertise for my customers, friends or third party?

Is it possible to advertise if I don't have a web site?
Can I advertise for businesses who do not have a website or online presence in any way?

Is it possible to have more than one account?

Can I advertise in different languages?

What is the difference between Public and Private Ad?

Does AdBounds engine work for mobile and other platforms / applications?

Can I create a discount / coupon system for mobile and other users?

How do I use the Email distribution and other advertising facilities?

Is it possible to dynamically update the content of my Ads - For example: News, stock prices or other time-sensitive content?

Can I create and present my RSS using the AdBounds system?

Do you provide real-time IP locator and/or verification service?

Do you provide web reports / analytics?

Can I control the type of Ads which will be displayed on my site/s?

Can I use the Ads in the websites which will start in the future?

What happens if I do not specify the categories of the Ads which I want to show on my site/s?

What is the "default location list"?

Can I specify different geographic locations for different Ads?

How many locations I can have as the target markets for each Ad?

What happens if I do not specify a default location list or location-specific Ads?

How do I create and adjust the location list for individual Ad?

Is it possible to change or delete the default location list?

How long would it take to approve each Ad or changes?

Can I ask for customization of the Ads?

Is it possible that the AdBounds one-line link interfere with other codes and tags on my site -- provided by other programs or my hosting company?

What happens if I do not specify the categories of my business or the keywords?

Is it possible to create a multi-user account?

How do I show the Ads on my site/s?

Is there any time or amount limit for income plans?

I need assistance to prepare my Ads.

Do you offer image / animation / Flash design services?

I need assistance to include the Ads on my site/s.

How often I can change or update my Ads - is there any extra charge?

Can I change my advertising plan?

What happens if I do not utilize full capacity of my plan?

About visitors to my site/s; do they need to adjust their browsers to view these Ads?

How do I control my advertising budget?

If I set some limits based on my budget -- e.g. total number of displays or clicks -- and you deliver more, would there be any extra charge?

Is it possible to have additional control on Ad presentations?